Fishing and Fishermen: A Guide for Family Historians

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Fishing and Fishermen: A Guide for Family Historians Overview

Martin Wilcox's concise and informative guide to the fishing industry will be absorbing reading for anyone who wants to learn about its history or find out about the life a fisherman and his family. In a clear and accessible way he takes readers through the technical, economic and social aspects of the story. He gives a graphic account of the development of the British fisheries through the medieval period and into the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The themes and issues that family and local historians will need to understand in order to pursue their research are a key part of the study. He introduces the reader to the variety of national and local records that are available for genealogical research and considers the many other resources that can yield fascinating information about the industry and those who worked in it

Fishing and Fishermen: A Guide for Family Historians Table Of Content

Acknowledgements vii

Preface 1

Chapter 1 Getting Started 10

1.1 First steps 10

1.2 Background research 10

1.3 The Internet 12

1.4 Archives and local studies libraries 14

1.5 Basic genealogical sources 17

Chapter 2 The Medieval Fisheries 25

2.1 Manorial records 39

2.2 Tithe records 39

2.3 Port books and Customs records 40

Chapter 3 The British Fisheries, 1500-1815 44

3.1 Parliamentary papers 57

3.2 Naval records 62

3.3 Records of the Newfoundland fishery 67

Chapter 4 The Trawl and Line Fisheries, 1815-1950 69

4.1 Crew lists and agreements 85

4.2 Records of apprentices 90

Chapter 5 The Herring Fishery and Inshore Fisheries, 1815-1950 98

5.1 Ship registers 111

5.2 Certificates of Competency and Service 116

5.3 Scottish fisheries records 118

5.4 English fisheries records 121

Chapter 6 The Fishing Industry since 1950 124

6.1 The White Fish Authority Herring Industry Board 134

6.2 Business records 135

6.3 Newspapers and the trade press 138

6.4 Directories 141

6.5 Personal papers, memoirs and contemporary commentaries 143

Appendix 1 Museums and Archives with Collections Relating to Fishing 147

Appendix 2 Fishing Vessel Port Markings 155

Appendix 3 Glossary 158

Index 167

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